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Web design for real estate – Techniques for Boosting Conversion

Sarah Johnson 

Making a purchase online has become common in the fast-paced world, backed by the surge of technology. It is also true for real estate.

So, the idea is simple; leverage technology.

Can you imagine?

We purchased our own house after seeing it online ad. We were looking for a house but after many visits, we did not succeed. Then, my brother saw an ad. The ad is regarding ‘selling a house.’ We bought that house and lived there for 2 years.

In this blog post, we’ll learn how to design a website for a property business. We’ll also discuss How to create a web design for real estate to drive more conversions. Let’s understand how to do this easily.

1)Provide Great User Experience

User Experience is a key factor in increasing conversion. Ask yourself, what are your target clients interested in? What are their concerns? What can you do to resolve their problems?

The one answer for all is User Experience. Make your web design for real estate easy to navigate. Make all processes simple and easy to go.

Make clear directions on how to get appointments, and how to visit their desired house. Make all related content easily available.

Think of yourself as a house buyer. What do you expect from your real estate agent? What services do you think are helpful to get your house effortlessly?

Ask these questions then create a web design for real estate accordingly. Make clear and easy-to-understand Navigation Menus. Use clear and easy Call-to-Actions. Make a site structure that sounds logical. Make it streamlined.

Make a search system easy and logical. Put it on your Home Page where it is visible easily. Allow users to filter results. Give filters like Type of Property, Number of Bedrooms, Location, Price range and Amenities.

Make your listings clear. Provide virtual tours. Write a Comprehensive Description. Add Different Images in Your Listings.

Make CTAs like Schedule a Viewing, Contact Agent, and Request More Information.

2)Optimize Your Homepage

Create an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly homepage. Create Intuitive Navigation on your website. Provide a clear and logical hierarchy.

Create an Information Structure for your website first before going further. Follow this Information Structure when creating your website homepage.

Place your visual assets in the right places to adhere to Visual Harmony and make your web design for real estate appealing.

Most of the time people first come to the homepage of a website. That is why it is more important to design it properly. Include high-quality imagery to make it engaging.

Your website design must be responsive. It will help your potential customers to stay on your website.

Implement Clear Call-to-Actions. Imagine someone visits your website and doesn’t find any CTA, what will he do? Nothing. CTAs are the most critical factor for conversion and lead generation.

When putting a CTA, make sure your CTA is clear. It should tell what you want to convey.

Place your Call-to-Actions appropriately. In the website you provided your agency introduction place your CTA ‘Know More’ under this information.

Design CTAs while keeping in mind that typography is understandable and clear. How cluttered CTAs can persuade actions?

All the information on the homepage is not equally important. Highlight important content like your Name Phone Number and Contact detail.

Make sure the visual elements of your homepage are consistent and intuitive. Write compelling headlines and concise descriptions about your services.

3)Provide Advanced Search Functionality

In addition, you can provide an advanced search option. Allow your potential customers to add filters such as Location, Property Type, and Price Ranges.

More Advanced filters like Property Age, Amenities like Pool, Gym, Parking, and Property Status (For Sale, For Rent) provide effortless solutions to your customers.

Map-Based Search: Integrate an Interactive Map to find and view locality.

Save your customers’ Search Preferences and show them the ‘Activate Alert’ Option to send emails to site visitors based on these Searches to increase engagement.

4)Plan Your Structure Strategically

Pay attention to Scrolling. An effect that encourages visitors to go down without thinking of it. Avoid using the false down effect, where a user thinks there is nothing at the bottom. Lead them with visual cues. Highlight Key Elements make use of hypertext to facilitate visitors to jump on the desired section instantly.

5)Always Indicate the Property Location

Utilize an Interactive Map to pinpoint the exact locations of selling and renting properties. A map will provide a complete outlook of the locality and surroundings.

6)Create Descriptive Page Categories

Categories are part of every website. Create website categories like ‘For Rent’, ‘For Sale’, ‘Company Overview’ etc. Don’t miss any service or important information to include.

7) Use Concise Website Copy

In this technology age, people’s attention span is shrinking drastically. They prefer short and straightforward information. Include relevant information only.

8)Give Detailed Visual Presentation

To enhance readability and engagement include high-quality images. Take photos from different angles. In this way, more visits are likely to happen. In addition, you can offer 3D Property Tours. A good graphic design for real estate agents can give complete solutions customized to your needs.

9)Build Trust

Introduce yourself as an expert with local knowledge and credentials.

Please ensure that you make it easy for customers to get in touch with you by offering online appointment booking. Additionally, it would be beneficial to showcase testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust with potential clients.


In a real estate business, showcasing is a crucial part of it. Without displaying your properties effectively, you cannot think of any business.

With the rapid and ongoing increase of internet and mobile phone users–it has become necessary for Real Estate Agents to create a website. With proper web design for real estate, you can increase your reach and ultimately conversions.

For creating your customized website hire an expert web designer and a graphic designer.

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