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How to Design an Impactful Truck Logo Design

Andrew Paul 

You cannot ignore the importance of a truck logo design if you are in transport and specifically in the trucking business. From short trips to international routes, trucking plays a significant role in the development of national, regional and global economies. Every importer and exporter need transportation solutions all over the world. They need tucking companies for the transportation of their goods. Even if they use seaport or airport for your shipments, you may also need trucking for picking up and dropping off the goods. These business people remain in search of reliable trucking services.

If you are running a small transportation company and your logo is not attractive and does not carry the message in a proper way, probably, you can lose the trust of your potential clients. It is because it is essential for you to have an attractive truck logo design for your company if you want to win the trust of your potential customers.

Before getting any logo design for your company, it is better to do some research on what is going on in the market. What are the fonts, colours, and symbols in trend? What styles are the other companies following?

How do I create a truck logo design for my trucking business?

Auto-generated logo

There are several ways to create a truck logo design for your trucking business. Initially, you can visit different websites that offer free logo design. These websites just charge between $15 to $35 to remove the watermark from the logo design. You can select a category, and in that specific category, you can find different logos. Now you can select any logo according to your taste and choice that is suitable for your company. You can remove the watermark by paying nominal charges of about $15-$35, and you will get your logo instantly. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get a logo for your company.

A designer logo

Another way to have a logo is by hiring a freelance logo designer. There are different freelancing platforms that offer you a chance to get in touch with different freelancers. If you are taking an interest in a truck logo design for your company, you can contact a person who has skills and experience in logo design. You can find different designers there who can create a truck logo design for the amount between $35-$100. In that range, you can easily hire a logo designer for your trucking company logo. This is also comparatively a cheaper way.

Logo created by a design agency

The most expensive way to get a truck logo design for your company is to hire a digital design agency. However, hiring a digital design agency is such an expensive way to get a truck logo design. The key advantage of hiring a design company is that they can provide you with complete solutions for all of your design problems. Your logo represents the brand philosophy of your organisation. The design agency provides you with the logo that suits your business. Besides that, their logo is suitable for every platform, like neon sign boards, print advertising, and digital or TV advertising. On providing a customised design, the agencies charge their fees about $1000-$3500. Although it is such a big amount for a single logo, they provide a complete design solution. The agency does not charges only for logo services but for complete design solutions for your business against this amount.

If you are going to start a new business on a small scale and going out of cash, it is better for you to go for an auto-generated logo design by a website. On the other hand, if you are already running a business and now have some budget for rebranding and promotional activities, it is better to hire a professional logo designer for your truck logo design. Besides that, if you have established a trucking company and now planning for its expansion, then you may contact a digital design agency that can provide you with a truck logo design with complete design solutions according to the marketing, branding and advertising needs. The freelancer has the ability to provide you with a customised design, while a digital design agency can provide you with a customised design that suits all of the marketing and corporate platforms.

It is highly recommended to copyright all logos, symbols and designs that represent your company at the corporate level. By doing so, no one will be able to use your logo on any counterfeit or similar product. Your potential customer may get confused by seeing your logo on any product other than you. Having copyright protection allows you to work freely without any fear of copying your designs or logos.

Although, it depends upon the trademark registration fees that vary from country to country. It is better to register your logo as a trademark of your company. In the UK, the service charge for trade mark registration is £170. It is not such a high cost for any trademark registration, so it is better to register a trademark before getting involved in any legal issue.

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