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Best Website Layouts for Small Businesses

Danny Adams 

Small businesses need effective online marketing. Optimizing website layouts is crucial. Customers discover stores through online searches.

How do we do this effectively? Let’s explore with real examples.

We gathered 23 small business website layouts to illustrate how to build your own.

23 Business Website Layouts Examples

Here are a few inspiring company websites for a “get your feet wet” sense. These websites are arranged in no particular order.

1.Traackr’s official website

It’s easy to criticize influencer marketing, especially after watching the Fyre Festival documentaries. However, the shallow characteristics of social media should not be used to lessen the impact that influencer marketing can have. Many genuine influencers advocate brands and goods. Traackr vets influencers and assists brands in properly leveraging their marketing potential.

This website layout is visually appealing with its striking color scheme, staggered photo blocks, and animations triggered by scrolling. However, this is more than an excellent website – case studies, testimonials, and other statistics demonstrate how their services produce tangible outcomes.

Traackr's website layout

2.MOAT Studio’s homepage

Much work must be done when running a startup or small business. That’s where MOAT comes in. They assist companies and entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into digital products, as well as with branding and website design.

As a tiny business, MOAT’s website layout is a perfect example of embracing a simple color palette to produce a clean layout that is easy on the eyes of its site visitors. Upon visiting their website, potential clients are greeted with a clean, professional appearance that leaves a positive first impression.

They also do an excellent job of clearly displaying a CTA (call to action) in their footer so potential clients may contact them and learn more.

Moat's website layout


Finding good music to license for a video project can be difficult. There’s a lot of dull, repetitious nu-muzak floating around. However, with Soundstripe, the process becomes seamless. Soundstripe offers an extensive collection of top-notch music tracks and sound effects at an affordable price. Their website layout is designed for user convenience.

They invite us to check out their sonic offerings with three free royalty tracks at the top of their homepage. The organization of everything in Soundstripe’s design is fantastic. Curated playlists range from modern orchestral to chill rap. You can find whatever jams or sounds you want with a quick scroll and a few clicks.

Soundstripe's website layout


Gumption characterizes its product selection philosophy as “ones that make you feel spunky, sassy, strong & smart.” Their e-commerce website layout features a beautiful palette of reds and pinks, accompanied by photographs of women modeling their products, creating a playful feel accented with muscular lady strength. Gumption’s online store demonstrates that effective branding is at the heart of any successful web design.

Bravado's website layout

5.Strala’s official website

ROI can be hazy, especially when it comes to digital marketing channels. Strala’s software collects and aggregates analytics for straightforward interpretation.

Sound dull? Strala proves that analytics can be more than just marketing books and numbers on a screen from the moment we visit their homepage. Their website design is bright and colorful, like fireworks on July 4.

Their program’s website layout and screenshots focus on shape and color. Only a few nooks of Strala stand out with unique color choices. Bright pinks, purples, oranges stand against the harsh black background.

Strala's website layout


Coworking spaces are emerging as a viable alternative for those who do not require a regular workplace. Many businesses are rushing in, trying to capitalize on this new market. However, many of these firms need to see that a coworking space must be more than just a room with tables, desks, and chairs. Alley understands this; they organize events and collaboration opportunities that unite individuals.

The website layout is based on grids and blocks, with plenty of community photographs. Their design portrays a coworking environment that is alive with the vitality of its users.

Alley's website layout

7.Poetry homepage

Poetic uses specialized software and other technologies to help businesses develop. Like Strala’s site design in example 5, this website layout demonstrates its products and services through screenshots, other graphics, and clear and direct supporting prose. Each component complements the others, building from one thought to the next..

Poetry's website layout

8.AOline Bags

While this concept site is based on a fictitious small firm, it provides plenty of ideas for any product-focused website layout. While browsing the website, you’ll see many product pictures — in this case, a selection of handbags — accompanying placeholder text. Dario Stefanutto, the project’s creator, made it cloneable, so you can quickly clone and insert your product photos.

Tan backdrop with the words “She’s Unique” in bold white letters over a tan bag.

Because of its simple yet efficient design, the AOline Bags template would make a good foundation for a small firm with a focused product line.

AOline's website layout

9.The World Financial Group

World Financial Group aims to help entrepreneurs achieve financial independence through small companies. Many entities and businesses make this same promise with varied degrees of success. Whereas many companies utilize uninteresting templates with imprecise claims, World Financial Group stands out by leveraging excellent website layout design work and quality content to express what they do.

The worlds financial group's website layout

10.Mighty website layout

It might be challenging to carve out a place in the crowded field of corporate software solutions. Mighty provides a software platform for tracking personal injury liens and helpful information for billers, lawyers, and others in the medical business.

Mighty emphasizes the significance of an appealing website design, free of technical language and uninteresting visuals. This dynamic layout uses bold headings, moving icons, and other micro-interactions. They also have a blog with technical but conversational pieces accessible to non-experts.

Mighty website layout


Qualified provides salespeople with a tool for generating more leads and engaging with customers more effectively.

This small company website layout is fantastic since it avoids sales cliches and marketing talk. Instead, they provide their applications in a balanced and user-friendly design.

Qualified website layout

12.Confluera’s homepage

Confluence uses a solid website layout and tone to explain how their anti-hacker software works. Data breaches are a genuine concern; their firm tone suggests they’re not joking. The site has the sense of an instruction page for a video game, from the swirl of the ocular-like graphic on the landing page to the harsh language of the large headlines. This approach may have bordered on comedy, yet the deadpan, straightforward tone complements their cybercrime-fighting software.

Confluera's website layout

13. The Balloon Queen

The Balloon Queen embodies everything helium-filled and entertaining with a vibrant website layout. This design is alive with micro-interactions and hover effects, conveying the fun of balloons without being too ridiculous. With just the right amount of formality and whimsy, this website layout showcases all that makes The Balloon Queen deserving of her throne.

The Balloon Queen's website layout


Kraftful develops apps for firms that manufacture smart devices such as thermostats, lights, and other appliances. They concentrate on the functionality of constructing software so that their clients can focus on hardware. The website layout demonstrates intentional restraint by providing just enough information on the landing page to highlight the benefits of their services.

The significant calls to action are to write them an email or book a call to learn more, prominently placed at the top and bottom of their landing page. The images and related text provide basic information and encourage visitors to contact them for more details.

Kraftful's website layout

15.Moniker’s official website

Moniker creates unique retreats for businesses with a website layout that perfectly complements its services with the branding of a luxury hospitality company. This photo-driven website design features large, bright photographs of stunning locations. In addition to these massive pictures, there’s lots of scroll-triggered animation to keep visitors moving across the site.

Moniker's website layout


Managing your finances is essential to leading a responsible and fulfilling life. It’s important to monitor your incoming and outgoing funds to make wise choices and prepare for what lies ahead. It’s essential to clearly understand your finances to make informed decisions about how to allocate your funds.

By prioritizing your spending and ensuring you have enough money to meet your needs and reach your goals, you can create a stable and secure financial future for yourself and your family. A steady income is vital to taking control of your finances and achieving financial peace of mind.

The website layout features eye-catching headlines and screenshots to show how Income works. The design is straightforward, aligning with how users want to manage their money.

Income's website layout

17.Fortnight Studio

Fortnight Studio distinguishes itself from other firms by concentrating on startups. They’re called “a purposefully small design and development studio.” In an agency world where everyone is trying to do everything, specialization might help you stand out.

Expect to see a small portfolio on this agency’s website. “Purposefully small design,” they mean it. With a horizontal scrolling gallery of projects and logos of the big players they’ve worked with, they give us a sneak glimpse at their work. The website layout provides enough insight into Fortnight Studio’s marketing acumen to entice readers to click the “LET’S CHAT” button.

Fortnight's website layout


Halo Lab’s Circle website layout highlights their imaginary platform with a stunning gradient background, drawings, and scroll animations. Try Clone Circle if you require a robust business website that exhibits a platform’s features, course lists, and client testimonials.

Website for the Circle. Background gradation from teal to peach. White writing on the left reads, “Your next big idea starts here.” Line illustration of a person sitting in a chair with a laptop on the right side.

This template might suit a SaaS platform or an online course provider. Clone the project and begin tweaking it to your specifications.

Circle's website layout

19.The People vs. Coffee website layout

Except for the booking page, The People Vs Coffee, a pop-up Australian coffee store, incorporates much visual flair into its one-page design. The hero image, which depicts the interior of their mobile coffee service, conveys a sleek and orderly vibe. Even though it is a simple coffee trailer, we can see they take the art of preparing Coffee seriously.

There are splatters of movement throughout. Though the hover effect at the top is only partially essential, it captures and draws our attention to the scene. Other excellent touches on the page include scroll-triggered fade-ins and a whimsical animation of a car towing a coffee trailer.

Another good feature is the sticky block on the left, which includes social media links and other methods to contact you. These aspects are frequently overlooked in a design or the site’s footer. People Vs Coffee wants to build more human connections and provide customers with an immediate opportunity.

The people vs coffee website layout

20.Ayurveda Nalen

Skin care items are available from Nalen Ayurveda, with a website layout and a color palette of light blue and earth tones. This design exudes peace, consistent with their products. The website layout is zen-like in its simplicity, providing a light, easy user experience.

Ayurveda's website layout

21.Patty and Bun

Patty and Bun’s website begins with fast video cuts with a grainy, film-like effect. It’s a bit disorienting, but the frantic onslaught of visuals is undoubtedly captivating. But this isn’t the only example of unconventional design. When you click the red, circular menu button at the upper right, a list of navigational options appears, taking over the hero area.

They maintain their commitment to eccentricity throughout the site, with many surprising graphics, such as the ketchup cannon. These bursts of bizarre ingenuity drive us to thoroughly examine the area so we don’t miss anything abnormal.

Their eccentricities are always distinguished from their messaging about cooking up excellent cuisine. These details, like artisanal ketchup or mustard, add the appropriate amount of taste without overpowering the design.

Patty & Bun website layout

22.IPA Group 

Dimensionality and geometry are used by the digital marketing agency IPA Group to add visual interest to their site design. The puzzle piece graphic at the top indicates their purpose to assist. White space, bespoke graphics, and animations add life to their site and contrast the grids that line most information. This design has a lot of linear elements, yet it’s broken up with a beautiful range of dynamic images.

IPA group's website layout


This design packs a visual punch thanks to large, bold lettering. The designer’s typographic magic transforms this area with scroll-triggered effects variations in size, weight, and color.

Great font choices, graphics, and hover effects highlight vital information about their workspaces.

Make it website layout

Final Words

In conclusion, exploring the 23 best website layouts for small enterprises has been a journey through innovation and creativity. From Traackr’s visually appealing influencer marketing showcase to the simplicity and professionalism of MOAT Studio’s homepage, each example provides valuable insights into effective online presence

We at LogoDesignsHub believe in the underdog. That’s why we built a team to provide customized website layout designs, allowing you to focus on sales and growth. Whether you plan to create a website for your small business or e-commerce store independently or by hiring a professional, we can help you build a responsive website.

Ready to elevate your online presence? Contact us today for personalized website layouts that drive success for your business. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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