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Affordable Logo Design- A Quick Fix for Small Business

Emilia Clarke 

Affordable logo design is suitable for small business; with styles, creativity and uniqueness.

Are you starting a business? Having troubles deciding name? You are at right place! Building integrity and trust with a logo is very important to start your business. Affordable logo design is the solution for small businesses.

 Have a great Business Idea

Brainstorm for solutions you can provide for problems. Find out pain and concerns of your audience. Make sure you have a starving crowd for that particular solution. And they can afford your offer and willing to pay for it.

Build a Unique Brand

After having an idea, give it a unique name. Consider these things for deciding a name.

  • Your business type: Service-based, Product-based or a Platform.
  • Your niche: Education, Fashion, Technology, Healthcare etc.
  • Your target audience: Region, Language, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Age Group etc.
  • Your business model: Subscription, Freemium, Physical Products, Digital Products, E-commerce etc.

Create affordable logo design

Logo design for small business is must for building trust. When comes to logo design, you have three options out there.

1.    Cheap Logo Design

It is a very common option. Like, Fiverr and 99designs.


  • It is very economical. Good for small business to start with.
  • You can easily hire someone to make it.


  • Very basic and generic designs.

2.   Affordable Logo Design

It is perfect option to go with. Like, hiring an affordable logo maker.


  • Perfect for small business.
  • Unique logo design.
  • Affordable for your business.


  • Not suitable for big companies.

3.     Premium Logo Design

It is best for large enterprises. Like, hiring a well-established agency.


  • It is suitable for big business.


  • It is very costly.

Now, let’s go deeper. How to do this all.

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Logo is your Identity

Creating a unique logo is very crucial for your business. Without how can you scale up and build it memorable. Let’s take an example of Coca-Cola. By seeing its logo even an illiterate person knows it is a cool fizzy drink. It is must in parties and picnics.

The red color talks about the warmth of joy and happiness. And the typeface resembles style and fun.

Uniqueness and Creativity

Logo design is all about creativity and uniqueness. Here are some types of logos, you can go with one of them.

Classy Logo Design

Classy logo design stays longer because it does not follow trends blindly. It gives an idea of credibility. It also shows you are really there and not come and go after a short period.

Minimalist Logo Design

The idea behind is not to clutter your logo. Use minimal lines and least characters. It gives a lighter look and sticks to minds easily.

Why choose affordable logo design?

You may just have started a new business. You don’t have big financial budget. It is best for you then.

Cheap logo design often found copied from other sources on internet. Many stories are there on internet and in real world as well.

Logos are made in this way, does not build authority. They are very basic in style and generic in design.

On the other hand, premium logos are very expensive. They are not suitable for small businesses. They need huge budget to build.

How can you build them?

Select style such as classy, minimalist. Go with one of the types of logos among many out there. For example: typeface, emblem, monograms are some of them.

Many platforms are there. You can easily find a freelancer or professional there. Popular platforms are Upwork and People Per Hour. You can also find professionals on Fiverr and 99designs.


Final Thoughts

Affordable logo design is suitable for small business. Build uniqueness and credibility and stick to your customers or clients’ mind. Logo design is synonymous to trust. It is a tool to make your business memorable.

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