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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Logo Designer?


Before going to hire a logo designer, it is better for business or startup owners to understand the basic concepts of the logo. Logo plays a significant role in the marketing and branding of any product. In every category of products or services, you can consider the logo as an essential part of your brand identity. Before taking any purchase decision, most potential customers see the logo. An attractive logo can easily get the attention of thousands of customers. If you want to make your business or startup stand out from the crowd, go for an attractive logo.

The technology revolution has made it easy for you to get a logo through various logo designing websites. You may get your logo against nominal charges like $15-$35. On the other hand, if you hire a logo designer, the logo design cost may increase by $300-$500. A designer will provide you with a customised logo according to your requirement. There are different factors, including the market value and the quality of the design, that determines the logo design cost. A system-designed logo will be generic. While a logo designed by an experienced, skilled, and a professional logo designer will communicate your brand philosophy at every stage. The wide variety in cost is significant for you to know what you are paying to get a logo.

Technology has revolutionised the way we conduct different business activities. Now it is not a big deal to hire a logo designer for any brand or business logo. There are several freelancing websites where you can easily hire a logo designer. You can hire the designer for your business or brand logo according to your requirements and budgets. The logo design cost varies as per the work required and designer profile. You can find different logo designers who can meet your requirements according to your budget. Generally, the requirements and budgets for a logo design vary in different conditions. It depends upon the size of the business, startup funding or expansion of an already established business. The expansion could be product line extension, brand extension, or both.

How much should a logo designer charge per hour?

You may get your business logo for $15 to $35 if you go for an autogenerated logo from a website. Most logo designers charge according to their expertise, experience, and profile. The designer normally charges between $35 to $100 for one logo. You may consider it the average cost of logo design. Some experienced logo designers, who have exceptional skills, charge more than $300 and, sometimes, more than $500 as well.

Similarly, if you go to hire a design agency, you may have to pay $1000 for a single logo. Sometimes, you have to pay even $2500 for a single logo. The design agency will provide you with a logo that will communicate your message at all stages and mediums. This communication is not possible with an auto-generated logo.

A designer may also help you by designing a professional logo for your business; a design agency may consult you regarding your logo in more depth. A design agency work with a team of professionals who consider each and every factor of marketing, branding and communication. The team consider these factors while designing a logo for your business or brand.

Your decision to hire a logo designer

Basically, it is you who decide the budget for a business logo. If you are going to launch a startup or s small-scale business with a very limited budget, a logo from an auto-generated website will also work for it. From a number of websites available on the internet, you may select the one according to your taste and choice to design your logo. Besides that, if you have some budget or someone is sponsoring your startup, you can also hire a logo designer from any freelancer’s group. A freelance designer may charge some money, but you will get your logo needs fulfilled by a designer logo.

If you have established a business after years of hard work and now planning for product line extension or brand extension, contact a design agency in this case. A design agency may help you to grow your logo. The agency can also guide you on how to use your logo at every step in your marketing, branding and advertising process. How to use the same logo in different products or services and how to use it in product line extension or brand extension, a design agency can guide you in an effective way.

Is $500 too much for a logo design?

It is up to you what you consider better for your logo price. $500 is enough for a designer according to the skills; this amount is less as per the task or too high a price for a logo. It is not easy to answer that question. You can decide on the basis of different factors associated with the logo’s worth.

If no one is sponsoring your business or startup and you also have a limited budget, then there is nothing wrong with opting for a logo from an auto-generated website. If you are going to expand your business and have some budget for rebranding, repositioning and promotional activities, you can hire a logo designer. From different freelancing websites and platforms, you can find the one that can provide you with a logo for your brand or business for between $35-$100, which is also less than $500. Some designers also demand $300 to $500 according to their skills and experience.

If you think that your designer can cater for all of the business needs that are required to communicate at the corporate level, it is better to go for that. These needs may include an appropriate logo design in promotional activities, letterheads, corporate events, and print or TV advertising. If you are expanding your business and an experience designer can fulfil your branding and marketing needs, it is good to hire that designer even if you have to spend $500 for the logo.

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