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How Much Does the Average Cost of Logo Design 2023


How much does a logo cost in market?

It is better to discuss some logo design concepts before coming to a logo design cost. A logo plays a significant role in making the brand popular. It is an essential part of brand identity in every category. Most potential customers initially see the logo before taking any decision to buy any product or service. An attractive and killer logo is essential for your organisation to stand out from the crowd. Although, in this digital era, it is easy to have a logo, but generally, it is not free. The logo design cost varies according to different factors, including market value and quality.

If you hire a professional designer, there is much more chance that you will have a distinctive logo. In that case, your logo will clearly communicate the message of your brand to the consumers. There is a variety in the logo design cost. It is important for you to understand what you are getting against the money you pay.

How much does a logo design cost in the market?

If you are searching a log for your business or startup, you are at the right place. You may find different options, including free or options. On the other hand, hiring a professional designer or even a design agency may cost you a lot. A design agency may ask you for thousands of dollars, for a single logo. There are different websites that can design a logo for you just against a nominal charge like $10 to $15. Remember one thing these are auto-generated designs. If you want a logo according to your own specifications, you may hire a freelancer for logo design. The average cost of logo design varies from $30 to $200 if you hire a freelancer for this task. In the same way, if you hire an agency, the logo design price may go up to thousands of dollars. Currently, the average logo design cost is $2500.

Basically, it depends upon you, the business owner, how much you can pay. If you have a very limited budget and going to launch a small-scale business, you may go for auto-generated logo options. These options are  widely available on different websites. If you have some budget and finances and you are going to launch a startup, especially a tech-based startup, you may hire a freelance logo designer. If you are already managing an established business and going to expand in different other categories with different names and companies, you may hire a design agency for this task.

You may find a large number of websites in a Google search for free logo designs. A question comes to mind in this situation. When you have various options to get a free logo design or at a very cheap logo design cost, is it worth it to pay for a logo? And why there is a need for customised logo design for your product.

On one side, you are the only person who can decide what is the worth of the logo you are investing in for a brighter future and rapid growth of your business. On the other hand, there are some points you should considered while estimating the investment in your logo. These points make it clear for you to decide whether it is better for you to go for a free logo design or if some investment in a logo design is a better option.

It is important to remember that there is a huge difference between a logo design job of a professional designer and a free website.

Your Company’s Foundations

The logo is not a design or symbol in which you write your company name by using an unusual font. It is the base or foundation of your business. It is a logo that every part of your brand image comes from. Remember one thing it is the first thing that comes to the mind of the consumers whenever they think about your business. You can consider that it is the logo that represents your company’s style and what and how you carry out different business activities. For a better representation of your company through your logo, it is better to pay logo design costs to a designer. You may discuss different aspects of your business with a professional designer. This is not possible with a logo generated by a free website.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Your logo should be unique to make it stand out from the crowd. The free logo designer websites have no ability to do so. The free logo generator or designer website may provide you with a logo resembling different other logos from the same category. You can easily observe it in the market. The professional logo designer will research your business category and then design a suitable logo for you in a unique way and design.


Whenever you communicate at the corporate level, you use logos everywhere. Whether it is print or TV advertising, any type of corporate communication or corporate meeting, or any BTL activity you conduct for the promotion of your brand, it is because your brand should be adaptable. A professional logo designer will consider all of these factors. On the other hand, a logo designed from a free logo design website will not be able to adapt to different scenarios.

Most people generally consider that there is just a need for a logo design that a free logo can also fulfill. Well, it is not true. It is your brand that provides a complete identity to your business. So it is not just a symbol or logo; it is much more than a logo. You may need business cards, flyers, social media design and website design. It is a professional designer that can provide you with cohesive branding material from the very beginning.

Is $500 too much for a logo design?

As discussed above, you are the only person that can decide that Is $500 is too much for a logo design? This is not an easy question to answer. There are multiple factors that decide the worth of a logo.

If you are going to start a new business on a small scale and you are running out of cash, it is better to go for a free logo design instead of spending anything for logo design.  But if you are running a small business and have some money to reposition your brand, hire a designer. If you are going to launch a startup, especially a tech-based startup on the basis of a strong idea and there are sponsors to provide funding in different phases, hire a professional logo designer.

The key advantage of hiring a logo designer is that it can cater to all the needs of your businesses. These needs are required to communicate at the corporate level. Whether it is advertising, a promotional activity, a corporate meeting or any other incident, a professional logo designer can help. At this stage, a free website design cannot help you to communicate effectively. So, in this case, it is better to spend $500 for a logo.

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