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How To Get Email Marketing Jobs Fast in Germany [Complete Guide]


The demand for email marketing jobs in Germany is increasing rapidly. With the increased adoption of technology in today’s world, email marketing remains an essential tool. It enables businesses to communicate with their target market. This change has created a higher demand in the field and its importance, so it is a good time to begin a career in email mrketing.

Email marketing plays a vital role in business today, where technology is at its peak. It helps in connecting with customers, product advertising, and brand awareness for companies. Research has estimated that the revenue from email marketing in Germany will be €1. 8 billion in 2024. This growth shows the need for competent email marketers who should be skilled and manage email marketing campaigns by driving success.

In this article, we will discuss the many career opportunities in email marketing jobs in Germany. Today, we will focus on what is available, the requirements for these jobs, and the advantages of working on these jobs.

The Growing Demand for Email Marketing Jobs In Germany

There has been a steady increase in the demand for email marketing jobs in Germany to make passive income. With the increasing adoption of digitalization in organizations, the profession of email marketing has become a necessity. Today, numerous companies use email marketing as an effective tool to connect with their clients and increase sales. This shift has opened many employment opportunities in this field.

The following are some of the reasons for this increase in demand. One issue that has boosted its growth is e-commerce

Email marketing is an important tool for communicating with customers directly, for customer communication, especially for online retailers. The connection of working remotely has made it easier for businesses to hire professional email marketers from any corner of the world, and Germany is one of them. 

Industries such as IT firms, banks, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations actively look for professionals and executives specialized in email marketing. These sectors regularly use email campaigns to pass a message to their audience, market a product, or provide an update to their clients. No matter if you are looking for employment in an email marketing agency in Germany or want to work on any in-house project, plenty of opportunities are available in 2024.

email marketing jobs in germany

Types of Email Marketing Jobs In Germany You Can Get 

In Germany, several positions are demanded to manage email marketing campaigns. Below are some of them:

Email Marketing Specialist: 


Creating and sending out emails, measuring their efficacy, and fine-tuning the campaign techniques to increase the open rate and click-through rate. 

Skills and Qualifications:

Experience using email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Hubspot; analytical skills; and experience using A/B testing. They mostly preferred candidates with degrees in marketing and other relevant fields. 

Campaign Manager: 


This role involves supervising, coordinating, planning, and implementing email marketing campaigns and tracking their performance. Specific responsibilities include working with other marketing departments and handling the financial aspect of marketing strategies while ensuring that campaigns meet marketing goals.

Skills and Qualifications: 

Skills such as project management, proficiency in campaign management tools, and effective communication skills. If you are looking for this position in Germany, remember that they prefer candidates with a marketing, business or communication degree.

Email Marketing Coordinator: 


In this position, you will be responsible for contributing to the development and launch of email campaigns, managing the lists of existing emails, and adhering to state regulations on email marketing. Moreover, coordinators may have to assist in analyzing and preparing reports. 

Skills and Qualifications:

Some needed skills include attention to detail, working knowledge of HTML/CSS, and expertise in various email marketing tools. A degree or certification in marketing is useful.

Each of these jobs in Email marketing in Germany requires technical and analytical skills. 

Whether you want to deal directly with the company’s location or work with an email marketing agency in Germany, professional email marketers play an important role in achieving their online business goals. 

Best Tips to Find Email Marketing Jobs In Germany

There are multiple steps you can take to start finding email marketing jobs in Germany. Below are some of our recommended tips to find a job you have been looking for a long time. 

Where to Find Job Listings

To search for email marketing jobs in Germany, you can first visit general job-search websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and StepStone. Furthermore, anyone who performs a simple web search can find a list of business vacancies on their website. LinkedIn is also another useful place to find jobs and connections. Do not overlook the marketing job boards that are available, as they may be more specialized than others. 

Make Resume and Cover Letter Memorable 

When applying for email marketing jobs, a key factor that employers may consider is the experience, skills, and achievements section of your resume. For easier readability, it is recommended to structure the text in a list form and, whenever possible, showcase your achievement, such as “boosted up the open rate by 20%.” 

The cover letter should be specific for each position, expressing the employer’s interest in the email marketing position and listing its compatibility with the job description. If applicable, mention any experience with an email marketing agency in Germany, as this shows industry expertise.

Give Importance To Networking 

Getting connected with professionals will help you land a job. Use LinkedIn to join professional associations and attend conferences and professional meetings to network. Using Social media can also allow people to be occupied with such communities and get job referrals and information about the industry. Networking allows you to learn new trends that are going on, and it helps you access new vacancies even if they are not advertised. 

email marketing agency in germany

Skills You Need To Get Email Advertising Jobs In Germany  

To get a desired email marketing job in Germany, you must meet the criteria, including the right skills. Here are a few vital skills you should have: 

Most Important Skills Employers Seek

To be suitable for email marketing jobs in Germany, you should be familiar with at least one email marketing software—Mailchimp, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, etc. Technical skills are crucial when analyzing campaigns’ performance and implementing the next steps based on it. Copywriting skills are also important because writing an email body is the most critical part of impressing your target audience. 

Importance of Soft Skills

Soft skills like communication and creativity are equally important. Good communication ensures effective collaboration with team members and clear messaging to audiences. Creativity helps design visually appealing emails and develop innovative campaign ideas that capture attention.

Ways to Develop and Improve These Skills 

To boost these skills, you should enroll in an online course or certification on email marketing and analytics. You can learn and get skilled with platforms such as Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. Keep practising and start copywriting by writing a demo email body or blog post.

Join professional groups where you can interact with experts in the field and start attending industry meetings and workshops. By doing this, you can have many opportunities to grow, become more skilled, and stay updated with the latest trends in email marketing campaigns. 

email marketing agentur in germany


Finally, it is critical to highlight that the demand for email marketing jobs in German industry is increasing. Hence, there are numerous opportunities for newcomers in the field—some common job titles in the email marketing industry are email marketing specialists, Campaign Managers and Coordinators. 

With the help of job search platforms, connections, networking, and the improvement of technical and soft skills, it is easier to find a suitable email marketing position in Germany that will be both fulfilling and interesting.


Where can I find email marketing jobs in Germany? 

You can find email marketing jobs in Germany through employment search websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor. LinkedIn is also a great platform for finding professionals and agencies in the same field.

Are there opportunities to work with an email marketing agency in Germany? 

Yes, there are possibilities of working with email marketing agencies in Germany where they can get exposure to the industry and work on various assignments.

What skills are important for email marketing jobs in Germany?

Knowledgeable about email marketing applications, technical analysis, writing skills, good communication skills, and creativity are the key skills that you require for email marketing jobs in Germany.

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